Bank Dki Call Center Number 24 Hours: Jerawat


Dki bank call center number 24 hours can be contacted by anyone. Its existence is very easy for users when they need more information. because it is not available in the entire city, its existence is only popular in the capital. When viewed from age, BANK DKI itself cannot be called new.

The first time this financial company was formed was in 1961. Its founder is the provincial government of DKI Jakarta. Hopefully, its existence can help the economic growth of the citizens of the capital. As a bank, there has been a large capital issued since the beginning of its launch. Noted, the initial capital alone was almost 4 trillion rupiah.

The more here, the users of this bank continue to multiply. The number of users clearly makes development in various fields continue to be done. But the problem is, there are some customers feel confused when they become part of the bank. If you experience this problem, the 24-hour DKI bank call center number can be contacted.

Bank DKI Call Center Options that Can Be Contacted

There are several numbers that can be contacted if you want to communicate with BANK DKI. The first contact is the official call center. Official call centers can be contacted at any time. The number is active from Monday to Sunday for 24 hours. The number itself is 150-0351.

In addition to contacting the number, customers can also contact the customer service. The customer service is at 021-806-55555. It’s just that the contact is different from the 24-hour DKI bank call center number. One can only access it on weekdays and working hours. If it is outside business hours, the previous number can be selected.

However, both numbers are not free when contacted. In order to contact him, someone needs to incur costs. This fee will be taken from the credit owned. the existence of the phone package cannot be used. That’s because the above number does not come from a specific provider. Actually, it would be better if you contacted via landline.

By contacting him via landline, communication can still be done at no additional cost. Landline rates themselves have been determined every month so that additional costs are not made. That said, the only drawback of the 24-hour DKI bank call center number is that it is not free.

If you want to be easier, communication can be done via email. Of course, there is no cost when contacting him via email. The email from dki bank itself is however, the lack of contact via email lies in the time it takes. Communication cannot be done as quickly as over the phone.

That’s because customers themselves need to wait until the bank writes the answer and can solve the problem. In addition to email, the last way to communicate with his party is via fax. The fax number is 021-806-55500. Although it is very rarely used by customers, its existence still exists as a form of anticipation.

This Service Can Be Used When Contacting

When calling the dki bank call center number 24 hours, someone must have a need. Of course, the staff who pick up the phone will be able to help if the customer’s request is in accordance with the services provided. Not all problems in the bank can be solved via a call center. That’s because call centers themselves have service limits.

The first available service is atm card blocking. This service is indeed very much needed and needs to be done quickly. This is to avoid ATMs being used by others. Usually, customers experience this problem for several reasons. The reason is like an ATM is lost, swallowed, until someone steals.

When it comes to blocking, of course, the relationship is not just with ATM cards. Some customers usually also want to block JakOne’s Mbanking service. This activity can also be done when contacting the dki bank call center number 24 hours. The service is definitely available for 24 hours.

It’s just that the call center will not provide such services to anyone. There will be a process of making sure in advance that the caller is indeed you. Therefore, be sure to collect personal data such as account books and ID cards before contacting them. This needs to be done so that the communication process can be smooth.

In addition to requests for something, contacting the dki bank call center number 24 hours can also be done to make several complaints. The complaint itself can be related to several things. The first complaints are like ATM transactions and some facilities. Many problems that are often faced by consumers such as making transfers but the money does not reach consumers.

In fact, the balance in the account has been reduced. Complaints related to E-Channel services can also be made. E-Channel services from BANK DKI itself are very much ranging from JakOne Mobile, CMS, to JakCard. Usually, the problem is related to the downing of the server. By contacting the call center, the problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

Various Information Can Also Be Obtained

Contacting the dki bank call center number 24 hours can also be done when you want to get information. The information that can be obtained by yourself varies. The first information is related to balances and transactions. But to find out the balance and transactions, detailed knowledge of personal accounts is also needed.

In addition, some people are also often confused when looking for a branch office when in a new place. If you are made difficult by this, contacting CS can also be an option. Just ask the location of the nearest branch office by first notifying your own location.

Knowledge of programs and promotions from the bank can also be obtained. Development is always done by the company. This development is certainly in the form of many new programs aimed at improving services to consumers. By contacting CS, an explanation of such a program can be obtained in detail.

In addition to the program, knowledge about promos can also be obtained. Bank DKI itself has never been responsible when providing promos. Usually, promos are given in large quantities and are very profitable for consumers. It would be very detrimental if the latest promo is not known. The promo also definitely has a validity period.

Therefore, knowledge about it needs to be known as soon as possible so that it can be used before it runs out. There are also third parties who cooperate. Such third parties such as Multi-Use Credits and Monas Pemula Credits. CS also has detailed knowledge of third parties.

No Need to Hesitate in Contacting The Call Center

If you feel that you have obstacles and need to be resolved, just call the dki bank call center number 24 hours. There is no need to be embarrassed or reluctant because you feel that the problems faced are small and do not need to be asked. Each form of question will be answered to the maximum. In addition, the existence of CS itself is intended for such conditions.

Therefore, they are used to facing complaints like you experience. It is not right to harbor the problem itself and only find a way out by browsing on the internet. There is a lot of invalid data on the internet that is accompanied by valid data. It would be dangerous to even get invalid data.

With the call center, users must be facilitated in solving various problems. In addition, its existence is also as evidence that BANK DKI does not mess around in serving consumers. Just in case you keep the dki bank call center number 24 hours on your personal mobile phone.

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