Compulsory food in West Java : Lorongku

West Java Province Famous for Its Tourism Priorities Indonesia

Of course in The West Java Region, it has  a city in Bandung, which has an unusual attraction. Especially with all its own content, of course this place also attracts attention to attention. It includes visiting tourist attractions in the area because there are really many places that can be visited that give a unique perspective to enjoy of course.

The district has so far its own place among the areas that is popular in various other regions. Even since the colonial era, West Java has also had its own story of struggles to defend Indonesia’s independence. So often there is talk to his name, especially when it comes to history.

Although indeed in 1949, Pasundan State became part of nis or the United States of America in Indonesia. But a year later, the West Java Region rejoined the Indonesian Government and continued efforts to advance sovereignty. The struggle is the  origin  of linking the historical story of the  site.

Many of the specialities  of the West Java  region  can be tried to be discovered before they arrive there. Of course, this fact will be an interesting thing later on and you yourself enjoy the atmosphere and feelings in the area. There’s nothing wrong if you study in-depth various cultures   around Indonesia, of course, including West Java.

Geography and Population of West Java

Visually, really the area  is the westernmost region of the island of  Java and then makes it directly closer to the Indian Ocean  as well as the Java Sea.   In this area there are many rivers flowing their waters into the Java Sea and low-lying areas to the north in the mix, while the middle is part of the Ceremai mountain. So there are interesting places in these municipalities.

One of the interesting things in this region is the characteristics of contrasting two identities of modern people who have lived around the Jabodetabek neighborhood as well as the Great Mount Bandung. Meanwhile, there are still people who have settled in the countryside, of course on the Sundanese mountain and it is still very much felt by the Sundanese customs.

When you get there, you can also feel a different life if you are in the opposite place. This is very interesting because tourists can also choose to enjoy the atmosphere which is to provide feeling and comfort during this region of course.

Most people from the West Java Region  use Sundanese as a daily communication, although with common dialects found in some regions. Even it is now being promoted again for the use of regional languages, thus some local television and radio are flexible to familiarize themselves with the modern society and use it more indonisian.

There are many things you can do there including visiting Bandung as the center of Indonesian fashion. Even this area is named as Paris van Java so fashion lovers can also enjoy time there. But those who want to enjoy a different environment, only entering rural areas with the calm environment are also cool as a place to walk and  relax.

Compulsory food in West Java

Food is always helpful when you talk about the environment. Of course  , in the western regions of  java  island, of course, it has many specialties that  are well known in other regions, easily found. But if you test it directly of course, the flavor will have its  own  unique   so that it can be enjoyed later while you are there.

Processed foods made from vegetables such as picked beans, lentils, tall cucumbers, milk, eggs, cabbage,  as well as a variety of other additives are combined. It has also been watered with a well-known food in this area.   And the name of the man that is passed away is Karedok: thou hast surely heard. Enjoying this processed food is definitely delicious and touching.

Another interesting food in the area is the oncom tutug rice.   This rice is specially processed along with several  selected spices including spices to produce rice from which of course something special can be dried. Especially food from the West Java  region made of rice and entry, it is rare in other regions, so you have to come straight to enjoy it.

But you should study seblak recipes well with a variety of interesting compounds such as feet, eggs, meatballs, as well as other supplementary options.   For those of you as spicy tasters, you don’t actually want to miss out on trying vetted crackers with this spice. In addition, certain things  should be things like soft ingredients because they are  peeled and then cooked in spices so that the flavor is unique and different.

Typical Arts in  The West Java Region Is Definitely Amazing

Culture is an interesting thing  and it really has to be kept together and each province has its own thing.   The West Java  region was influenced by Sunnis and Iraqis. It then  emerged  from  a handful of traditions around it to produce the more interesting and enjoyable art up to this point.

Jaipong is a dance known as the arts originating in the West Java region.   Dance is a combination of dance,  ronggeng, unique movements for martial arts. In fact this art is so attractive that even many foreigners want to learn and  learn in order to do well .

On top of that, there is art from the West Java Region, which is wayang Golek.   The most common  stories told in art are Mahabarata and Ramayana. The tradition emerged from the time of the forefathers and is still preserved today. Although in fact shows have begun to rarely become, but some special occasions such as weddings are usually still found.

It’s not just that besides art there are artists at the same time there are different artists-entrepreneurs, which you can find. For example, typical Cireboon batik, fine-woven mambrellas, pottery, bamboo stitches and more. Each state has its own signature technique so that wecan make it like oleh-by before we return to their homeland.

Seeing the Special Region of Origin of Seblak

Of course, there are various points that really make  it that the western region on the island of Java   has a unique value. as well as the existence of a vast obsevatorium called Bosscha that has been built since the time of the Netherlands. This place was later designated as a cultural heritage that can still be used today to make a closer look at the general body of course.

Another unique feature of this area is the presence of Cukang Taneuh aka Green Canyon as an Indonesian species. The view of the green river is sure to surprise anyone who comes.  With exotic caves where they are located, it increases the uniqueness of the place.   Surely this attracts the attention of tourists, especially foreign tourists, of course.

On top of that, there is  a  unique  musical instrument in the form of angklung as a cultural heritage according to UNESCO regulations. This musical instrument is actually very special because the different quantities will produce different breads to play requires a few angklungs to produce the name as desired. There’s even a special place built for and teaching these tools to tourists.

West Java is actually unique and fun to visit. Not only tourist and food-inducing establishments, but also the culture and variety of its own are stocked. No surprise it also reaches the ears of foreign tourists. Similarly you should try to come to the West Java  region to figure out its own distinct firsthand.

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