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Dell Laptop Service Center Repair with Real Spare Parts

This electronic product made in Texas is widely circulated in Indonesia, and already has several distribution office centers and service centers in different regions.

Consumers’ needs for electronic products make this laptop increasingly circulate and used by the public, both in office environments, schools and at home. During this pandemic, people are encouraged to work from home, so workplace support facilities must be filled, one of which is a PC/laptop.

Frequent use will certainly make electronic goods experience various types of problems, both software and hardware. This will certainly interfere with your performance during work, so Dell laptop service centers are present in several areas you can get to when you need laptop repairs.

Dell Inc. travel history to this day

Dell is an electronic product originating in Texas, USA. His journey began in 1985, a young man named Michael Dell founded a company called PC’s Limited that aims to sell IBM-compatible computers collected from existing components.

At the time Michael was still studying at the University of Texas, he believed selling computers directly to consumers could help his computers better understand their needs and provide solutions to existing needs and problems. Tidak long after mikahel left school and focused on his business.

His first computer was a Turbo PC that was manufactured in 1985. Then in 1989 PC’s Limited first operated a service program on-site or on-site service. The company is growing and has a high stock value. By 1989, the company had changed to Dell Computer Corporation.

He then changed his name to Del in 2003. Over time, the US company experienced improvements and declines until the company’s top blower was reconstructed. But currently the product is widely circulated and used by the wider community, beg andalso  with dell laptop service center that is ready to serve consumers

Dell laptops and their stores prices

Not only laptops, the company also issues several other electronic products that support home and office work, such as printers, computers, USB Keydrives and LCD TVs. To serve consumers optimally, especially repair and maintenance of items, there are already Dell laptop centers in some regions.

Here are some types of Dell laptops.

  1. Series Inspiron 3493

One of the latest series is Inspiron 3493 which began launching in mid-2020 in Indonesia. This series uses the latest generation processor, namely Intel Core i5–1035G1. The screen is 14 inches with TN panel technology or Twisted Newmatic LCD LED lighting.

The resolution of the Inspiron 3493 series is HD 1366 x 768 pixels, so it displays bright and adequate colors. Inspiron 3493 is suitable for use in everyday activities so it is very useful for you to work or study. The price of this series is Rp. 8,699,000, according to the specifications offered.

  1. Series Vostro 3468

The Vostro 3468 storage capacity has a 4 GB built-in ram and storage of a 1 TB hard drive. Another advantage is that it has an elegant design so it is convenient to wear everywhere. The 3468 series is priced at 6,000,000,-. If you need repair, you can take it to the Dell laptop service center.

  1. Series G3 15-3579

G3 15–3579 is suitable for gamers, today the games have become part of the routine that all circles must do. The specifications of this series support performance for playing games. It has a size of 15.6 inches, uses an Intel Core i5 processor, as well as the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Mobile graphics memory.

8GB RAM capacity and 1 TB HDD storage. G3 15–3579 has a performance that supports gamers to play their characters, as well as visual comfort. The G3 15–3579 series is priced at r. 11,399,000 — Rp.18,699,000.   If you need repairs, you can take it to  the Dell laptop service center.

Benefits of Dell Over Other Laptops

Below are some of Dell’s advantages compared to other laptops.

  1. Supports Gaming

The sophistication of this electronic product is that it has the performance to play games comfortably. Using the processor and quality graphics memory makes this laptop very demanding of gamers. Through Alienware, Dell released a special type of series with distinctive design parts that differ from other types.

In addition to Alienware, Dell also has other types that really support gamers to play. Such as Vostron, Inspiron and XPS. This type has high specifications with a fast processor so it will make you comfortable when playing characters in the game.

  1. It has a hearty and premium design

Dell uses chromium-based chase, so it is resistant and not easily cracked or damaged. However, if your laptop is damaged, you can take it to the Dell laptop service center to fix it.

Although it looks classic, the design is elegant and very suitable for taking a job or elsewhere. The design of kokoh further adds  to the  impression of the samemewa and makes you excited to work.

  1. Special services for consumers

At a time of social constraints like today, making people unable to move freely, this will also be a problem if your laptop has problems and needs urgent repairs. However, if you don’t want to leave the house but need product repair, you also offer special services.

One of the special services offered by Dell is laptop repair. One of the services is the delivery service, you do not need to come to the Dell laptop service center, just contact the phone center, and at that time professional technicians will fix them according to your requests.

Dell Laptop Service Center in Indonesia

Dell laptop service centers are located in several regions of Indonesia. This repair center   offersa variety of facilities for consumers.

A list of sectional service centers in Indonesia follows.

  1. Џакарта : ПТ. Технички капацитети Gardian, D’Best Shophouse complex, Jl. RS Fatmawati No. 15/E43 – 12410
  2. Бандунг : Jl. Sendi Kencana No. C-9 Комплек Буми Копо Кенкана
  3. Semarang : Jl. Sudirman No. 187—189 Siliwangi, Plasa Blok E³
  4. Medan : Џl. Bathrobe No.
  5. Батам : Perum Anggrek Sari Block 09 Бр. 47
  6. Pekanbaru : 10 000 000 000 000 000 Balam Br. 56 Kempung
  7. Palembang : 10 000 000 000 000 00 Massi I Pc. 23 Kell.
  8. ЈogHakarta : Џl. Kantel GK IV
  9. Сурабаја : Jl. Maj. Gen. Sunkono Komples Darma
  10. Денпасар : Jl. Misol Island Бр. 3
  11. Макасар : Jl. Kijang No. 3B
  12. Balikpapan : Jl. Ahmad Yani Gang Tirtasari No. 29

  Dell’s  Laptop   Development  Center  is equipped with several facilities, in addition to being able to serve repairs directly at home, other facilities are replaced with original parts, as well as repairs that can be made directly at home.

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