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These Are the Requirements to Make the Latest NPWP for Personaland Self-Employment

Before keeping taxes in the KPP (tax service office), then this is the prerequisite for making the latest NPWP. This same applies to the creation of personal and personal NPWP. On average, there are still many people who are unfamiliar with the procedure for making an NPWP and its requirements.

Therefore, the creation of NPWP will be rejected by KPP employees or the Tax Director-General’s online system because the documents introduced have not been completed. As a result, you must complete tax filing requirements on your own behalf or self-employment.

Of course, this takes energy and time. Therefore, you have to wait a few more days to get NPWP from the tax service office (KKP). Therefore, it is good to know in advance what requirements must be prepared in creating NPWP on behalf of yourself or the business.

These Are the Requirements for Doing NPWP in Person Through KPP and Online

In order to keep NPWP in someone’s name, this must really be taken care of by yourself. Therefore, you should not represent someone to take care of NPWP on behalf of yourself or the business owner. To maintain NPWP, then here are the requirements that must be met first. Among them are:

  1. NPWP by personal name
  2. Passport Copy or KTP

The first requirement for anyone applying for NPWP is a copy of their KTP (for Indonesian citizens) or a passport (for foreign nationals) by means of a photocopy. Try bringing a photocopy of your ID or passport beyond 1 sheet.


  1. Bringing a Certificate of Employment

The second requirement is that you must bring a work certificate. You can get this letter from the company you work for. Without bringing a work certificate, you can’t take care of NPWP.


  1. Bringing an Order (SK) to civil servants

If you are working in the civil servant scope (PNS), then you can apply for the creation of the NPWP by bringing an order (SK) for appointment as a civil servant only.


  1. Complete the New NPWP Application Form

And this is the ultimate requirement for creating a personal  NPWP  , i.e. filling out a new NPWP registration form. Please fill out questions about your income.


  1. NPWP on behalf of Entrepreneurship
  2. Photocopy of KTP au KITAS

First condition, you must attach a copy of KTP (for Indonesian Nationals) or KITAS (for Foreign Nationals). Make sure you bring in more than 1 copy of the photocopy.


  1. Bringing a Letter of Explanation of Effort (SKU)

The second requirement is that you are also required to bring a business certificate (SKU) issued by the village agency. Therefore, you must take care of the business certificate (SKU) first in the local village.


  1. Make a Notice Letter

The third requirement is to make a declaration that a taxable business is a business that you will start yourself and not on behalf of someone else. The letter was signed with a stamp of 6000. And here are the conditions for making NPWP for entrepreneurs that must be noted.


NPWP Jobs for Individuals and Business Owners

This Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP) has an important function for the person or owner of a business entity. Because, in some public services, it now includes an NPWP card so you can take care of the administration. There are several NPWP jobs that you should know about.


First, the existence of this NPWP becomes an identity to a person or business owner who says that you are someone who obeys and obeys government laws. Because, everyone is obliged to pay taxes according to their needs.


Second, if you are taking care of tax administration, you must first have NPWP. If you don’t have NPWP, then tax services can’t keep up. Therefore, you have to take care of it first to get NPWP.


Third, several public services such as applying for loans in government and private banks, purchasing vehicles, managing business permits, and maintaining passports must include the NPWP. Without NPWP, you cannot request services.


Therefore, having an NPWP is very important to you personally or who have a business domain. Because some requirements in maintaining public administration require NPWP. Therefore, this is a prerequisite for conducting NPWP for individuals and business entities.

How to Apply for a Personal NPWP and Self-Employment via KPP

Applying to NPWP for this personal name is very easy. You must maintain it directly at the nearest branch of the tax service office (KPP). If you keep your NPWP private in KPP, then the first step is to prepare all the required documents and then come to the nearest KPP.


If the current settlement is different from the original domicile, then please link the certificate from the local village. And this is the situation of creating NPWP for someone of different parts of the settlement.


Then, please complete the new NPWP form provided by the tax officer. Then, the completed form file is returned to the officer. And follow the instructions of the Tax Officer. Then, you will get the NPWP provided by the Director General of Taxation.


And if you take care of npwp for self-employment, then you can go to the nearest KPP. There are several measures that must be passed. First, completing NPWP formatting requirements for self-employed people such as KTP and KITAS photocopies. In addition, create a business certificate (SKU). And these are the requirements for making NPWP that you must prepare to get away from home.


Then, you must immediately go to the KPP office near the domicile. Don’t forget, it also includes a 6000-stamped notification letter indicating that the business is yours. After that, sign an affidavit. And finally, fill out the registration form for making NPWP for self-employment.


Steps to Apply for Personal NPWP and Online Self-Employment

Since the digital era, the creation of NPWP can now be maintained through the website. So, you can easily take care of your NPWP without the need to come to KPP. Step one, complete all the requirements for maintaining NPWP online.


These are the requirements for making NPWPs online. First, organize files that help maintain NPWP through the official website of the Director General of Taxes. Set up an email account on behalf of yourself. For a personal NPWP online, then   please scan your KTP/BITS, then analyze the work certificate (individual employee) or appointment order (PNS). For those keeping an online entrepreneur’s NPWP, then scanning a business certificate (SKU) or Business License (SIUP).


If all requirements are complete, then please access the webpage. Then, create an account first by registering a personal email. Then, confirm the subscription via a link that has been emailed. Then, turn on the tax e-Reg by filling out the online NPWP account creation form.


If an account is active, please register a new NPWP. You are welcome to choose to create NPWP in the name of yourself, self-employment, and others. Then, you should fill out the e form for submitting a new NPWP. Don’t forget, fill in dependents or salary. This is to find out how much tax you have to pay.


If the e-form is filled, then upload all the requirements in making NPWP personal and self-employed. These are requirements to make NPWP online for individuals and entrepreneurs that you must complete first. If the conditions are incomplete, then requests to make NPWP online will be rejected by the system.


This NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number) is actually mandatory for every citizen living in Indonesia. Because, in order to access public services, you must have NPWP. To maintain it, you must first complete the requirements.


And this is the prerequisite for making an NPWP, i.e. a photocopy of your ID for a work certificate/Appointment Order or Business Certificate (SKU) for those who are applying for a self-employed NPWP.

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