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There is a call center number Axis 24 hours 2022 provided for axis loyal customers. This is certainly intended so that customers are not confused if one day there are obstacles that must be complained to  the call center can immediatelycontact in working hours.

Services provided for example get obstacles when you register oreven when there is a network disruption. You can alsocontact the call center regarding information from products provided by Axis. So the service number is not only useful to just receive complaints from you.

Call center can call number 838 directly on dial up through your smartphone  which already has the first Axis. Or you can contact directly through social media owned. Later the service officer will reply to the message  and receive a complaint or just ask for information about the available products.

For customers who use the prime number other than Axis can also contact him via 08388000838.  Therefore, there is no need to worry let alone be confused if you are not using Axis’s prime number  because you can contact it through another prime number.  Through the call center it can provide complaints about the Axis network.

Need Registration Assistance, Contact the Latest Axis 24 Hour Call Center Number 2022

Special registration for prepaid customers is something that must be done by prospective users and existing users for Axis prepaid products whose previous data has not been validated. So this self-identity registration is very important so that it will be recorded by the Dukcapil Office.

With this, card registration can be done easily and of course can be done independently by users. In addition, this personal data registration also has goals and benefits that will be useful for seluler users.  Such as getting protection to the community, especially users of these services.

This protection comes from the threat of irresponsible actions. This is given so that later mobile users who have registered become more comfortable when using the services of telecommunication companies. Another benefit is that it provides convenience to make online or non-cash transactions.

Registration or registration can be done through a short message menu or SMS on your smartphone  with REGISTER # (KTP number) # (KK number) after that send to number 4444. Example LIST#11112***********#12322****** For long-stay users the fox “REGISTER” becomes “RE”.

If there are obstacles in the process immediately dial the  latest Axis 24-hour call center number 2022. Through the number 838 or Axis’s direct  social media account on the @ask_AXIS account, or it can be via email So you don’t need to be confused if there are obstacles when registering.

In addition, you can also register at official outlets available in your nearest city or location. Technicians or officers on guard will help with pleasure. The data that must be prepared are KTP and KK.

If you don’t have an ID card, you can use the number available in KK, so KK data must remain. Because without KK, registration will not be able to be done. Also make sure the filled data is correct and no errors occur.

Contact the Latest Axis 24 Hour Call Center Number 2022

Not only if you get into trouble, calling the latest Axis 24-hour call center number at 838 can get important information. Good for new or old users. Because the priority of Axis is the convenience of its users to become a trusted provider.

For other obstacles such as network disruptions or services that occur problems can also be reported through the call center. No need to be confused to find exact help, just call  the Latest Axis 24 Hours call center number 2022 later Axis customer service will provide the help you need right then and there.

Information about all the latest products and services can also be obtained from contacting this call center. As well as other important information can also be obtained by users. Our customer service will be happy to provide assistance to users so that later obstacles can be overcome smoothly.

We also respect the time of the customers so by pressing the dial button on the number help will be given quickly. Obstacles are quickly overcome and time becomes more efficient and can continue activities without any obstacles if using axis’s first product.

Switch Your Card to 4G Now

For those of you users who have not upgraded 4G services do sekarang. Because with 4G services will be better than the previous service. Make sure you have upgraded to 4G if you want to get maximum service, the full info is contact the latest Axis 24-hour call center number 2022.

Take it easy to upgrade without changing your number. In an easy way directly do the dial or call menu. Go through the number *123*46# then select the number to upgrade the 4G card. Later it will be sent to confirm the revocation of your old number. After that dial *123*46# again and confirm.

If you have restarted your smartphone and 4G network services can be enjoyed to the maximum. To check that the number has been upgraded or cannot go through dial *123*46# directly and select information about your service. For more information, visit address.

You can also directly contact the latest Axis 24-hour call center number 2022 so that later checking your service information. In addition, you can also find out the full information about what are the advantages of upgrading numbers to 4G services.

A Brief History of the Axis

Axis was originally introduced as Lippo Telecom & NTS now under the auspices of Xl Axiata. Where it was previously a stand-alone product in 2008. With call center services  spread throughout  Indonesia, including Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan and others.

With that Axis itself has users reaching 15 million to date. Have 800 employees ready to serve fully to support product services to the maximum. The company’s acquisition was carried out by XL Axiata in 2014, with this mobile company’s own service unchanged.

Keep prioritizing user comfort by providing the  latest Axis 24 Hours call center number  2022  that can be contacted by customers when there are obstacles. The services provided by this mobile company  are also addressed to loyal customers from Ngenet Irit, Chatting Irit, Awet Irit and others.

The number of service options provided will be adjusted to the needs of these customers. So the purchase of services is more effective and on target. This becomes Axis under the auspices of XL to be the choice of mobile service customers. With this XL and Axis will complement each other with the choice of services provided.

With this it becomes the fourth largest operator in Indonesia in terms of network coverage. It is already available in 400 cities in Indonesia, so there is no need to worry about the range of the Axis network. If there are any problems or complaints, call the latest Axis 24-hour call center number 2022 at 838.

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