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Some varieties of west Javanese tide that renew their eyes!

The Western Javanese tide is an irreplaceable Indonesian culture. As it could not, it has been recognized as the cultural heritage of the world. Undoubtedly, the Tide can bring Indonesia’s aromatic name to the world stage. To those of you who are not familiar with the batik. Batik is a scribe’s artwork in a lion.

It has such a high value  , because the whole creature makes sense. So it’s not just introducing a trend pattern. It already has  its own  brand for long-term use in the future. However, young people have now begun toforget about him wearing famous distro clothes.

The fading of this culture is a devastating blow that must be overcome. The Indonesian mentality is still low, making them easy to mock by foreigners. Although he doesn’t want to wear the batik, but if he’s coveted by Malaysia, a lot of people are upset about  your involvement, are they? The point is that culture is not claimed as much as possible.

One form of keeping it is to keep wearing it. Especially the inhabitants of Jabar where there are many varieties of the West Javanese tide. You can wear it on official or informal occasions. There are now many models of batic clothing that can be combined with modern tastes. So it doesn’t necessarily seem outdated.

For you who are curious about the variety of options. We have some references to a core that refreshes his eyes. There’s a lot of options, but I’d list the eye-refreshing ones. This is so that the wearer will be in the spotlight when he wears it, as he or she likes the eye.

Megamendung Typical West Week Tide

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For the newly renewed people who will host the wedding. Most parents will buy this kind of tide. Give the meaning of fertility and the giver of life. The West Javanese Megamendung  tide looks bright in bright shades. Such as red, blue, yellow, green, even pink. The origin of this motivation comes from Cirebon at the central point.

The area of the production centre is the village of Trusmi, subdistrict, plered, and cirecon regency. So, what’s the motive? It matches the full color. Of course, the incentives won’t go far. It is believed that it was first made in the area near the ocean. The meaning of the giver of life is symbolized by the clouds of the sea that carries the rain.

This meaning rightly describes the giver of life. Rain can provide life for many organisms. Not just people, but other small organisms. So don’t be surprised if  there’s a rain cloud motif. For a colorful color with a motif like this, it clearly shows a peaceful life.

With a motive like this, the market price is definitely not very expensive. It can be purchased at the cheapest price of 20 thousand at the cheapest price. It depends on the quality of the construction and the complexity of the motives. But for ordinary  people  , the price of 20 grand is so well covered. Keeping it during official events is a great option.

West Javanese Batik in Ciamis District

For this kind of West Javanese tide , it presents some motifs at once. In fact, there are many, but the most popular choices come from the Galuh kingdoms. One of the kings who prevailed in those days. For his popular reasons, it includes shark stones, galuh pakuan and wanara ciung.

Chances are you’llhear ciung wanara often if you visit and around Bandung County. This motive is based on the history of the power struggle in ciamis derah. The king of Ciung wanaras bowed to power to become one of the most influential kings there. Meanwhile, the galuh package was taken from the king’s dagget.

More precisely the king of Galuh during the reign of the Kingdom of Ciamat at that time. For the reasons of the shark stone taken from the party door in pangaandaran. A rest area that’s siik to stop. It advances in eccentric motives, but still has deep significance. In addition, there are incentives to assimilate the people of Jogja and Solo.

This motive is almost identical to that of his origin. Silent impression with shades of white or dark brown. It makes the characteristic that radiates from it stay awake. Usually the price of batik ciamis is still quite affordable. Tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, depending on the quality of production.

Cianjur Batik region in West Java

By region, cyanide is a special skilful area. The motives presented are certainly agricultural nuances. For the first time since colonial times, many Indonesians held it at the time. If you look deeper, the motives presented are inspired by agriculture. The yellow green color with rice beans is a real test of this.

With this kind of incentive, the sale price is not very expensive. You can easily get it through the offline market and even online. Now there are many Batik sellers selling their stuff online. At a price that won’t reach hundreds of thousands. You can buy dozens or even parties at a time.

More about one of the  most widespread West Javanese tides. In fact, four motives  are presented, namely kecapi sulit, pencak silang, indictment and hayam pelung. Rice motifs are certainly for the ageing area, while color indicates the state of the village.

Then for martial arts, it reflects a heritage culture. With this feature, it certainly distinguishes it from other regions. There’s also a hen pelung where he talks about chickens from the cyanide. A variant that will refresh the eye if you get bored with the usual preferences. Especially for the people of Central and East Java.

West Java Region of Indramay

About the fourth species that can beseen is indramayu , which is a region of  West Java that is close to nature. The artisans who make there have inspired them a lot with plants and hewan. His interesting motives were in high demand.   The colour model is also fresh as it uses a combination of natural fresh colours.

The artisans there were inspired by how nature can come together. Humans, animals and plants can join together in an ecosystem. This relationship can be interpreted more widely. So it’s not just ecosystem relations, it’s smaller relationships. Essentially, the motives of the Indramayu area suggest that life is more harmonious.

Whether from families, communities, villages, cities, and even places. The display of the sense of division and the importance of the group can be the result of many societies that have forgotten culture. Culture is a relic full of philosophy. Therefore, if it is underestimated, there will be bad consequences for many people.

The sale price of this motive is classified as more expensive. With an impressive combination of many aspects. It will certainly cause the impression of elegant luxury. You can buy it online and offline. But today online is much cheaper. She can save more on expenses without having to shop with others.

The minimum purchase price is 50 grand. It depends on the insurer and the materials used. The work lasts longer with more complex motives. It’s definitely going to raise the sale price. If you’re interested because it gives a reason to refresh your eyes. Even trying to wear it on special official occasions is highly recommended.

How do we still need many other perspectives? For now, there are only four kinds of motives since this writing. Its popularity and beauty in the eye. Make this included in the recommendation even if the sale price is not very high. However,  this Western Javanese battic  gives deeper meaning to life.