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The service center wants to check its correctness


As one of the big brands, the service center saves its position correctly all over the place. The brand of this domain has been marketed all over the world. The most authored are from personal computers, tablets to mobile phones

If you want to brand products, Yu Gecheng is not evil, and there are not many people who are interested in it. This thing is not as good as his brand. Despite its cheapness, this brand is difficult to please in Indonesia.

One brand thinks that the service center is also located. Those who are in Dayi such as Jakarta are embarrassed by the owners of Xiaoyi. Don’t risk buying it. When it fails, it must be difficult to repair.

If Jun forcibly cultivates his service center, there is nothing left to do. If you can’t ask for a bad warranty. It is difficult for the owner of the death. It is determined by the correctness of the province

Know the brand things also

Indonesia has been in place for a long time and is available for various types. Its most popular are personal computers, mobile phones, tablets. Theexistence of n ya is enough to diversify the Indonesian art market dispute. Cheap prices to attract people’s desire to buy

Its prices are very diverse. Often give it cheaply, in order to get more customers. However, character does not make him brand. The price is low and can compete with Indonesian big brands.

However, although the capital is cheap and expensive, the competitiveness is also low. There is still no place for official service centers in Indonesia. But a few of them were built only for big cities. The question of the service center is the most important thing.

It is important to save the correctness of the provincial service center . When one of these objects is used, there is a sudden death technique. Visitors to service centers are safer and spare parts are warranted.

Digital desire service center

Where is the service center? More or so, how hard to find. The Service Center is not only Jakarta to check its position for correctness. However, in fact, service centers exist in the surrounding areas of Jakarta, such as Tangerang, Bekasi and Debock

  1. Jakarta

In Jakarta, Rugu Trouble-free Service Center. In East Jakarta, service centers can be located. Shopping malls are available for this, although there are few people today. Ru can be seen in PGCJunction.


  1. Tangerang

SDC shopping center Serpong one, so service center also, so province Tangerang also. It can repair damaged laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. However, the day of the land is carried in a specific way, and Judah travels also. Although the cost is often different from damage


  1. Debord

Debord, the surrounding area of the thought users, ITC Depok is considerable. Living on the third floor, easy to see, easy to get. If you want to go, you can call 021-6634-7726 on weekdays.


  1. Don’t add si

As one of the buffer zones of the capital, Bekasi for the service center to save its correctness . Even here, Jun has also obtained 1 place, first in the Mega Bekasi shopping center and then in the Metropolitan Mall. Both are easy to obtain, and clearly visible


  1. Kalimantan

From the area around Jakarta, there is a service center outside Java. Unfortunately, it is on the island of Kalimantan. Although there are several cities such as Balikpapan to Samarinda. Only the big city of the province has to be a service center.

How to know the official warranty

Both thinking about the correctness of the service center and the equipment warranty of the prophet. Although there is an official warranty, there are several types of warranty that have expired. After that, it is difficult to repair it at an additional cost

There are several methods, and the warranty period in production can be checked. The warranty period is limited to one time, and it can be repaired without cost. First because of the official website, it is omitted. To move the visit, there will be a dialog box.

Enter the IMEI number in the dialog box. To repair your phone, please check your phone’s IMEI code first. Enter the dialog box later to continue to the next step. Please remember that you should not enter the IMEI number code.

Click the Check Warranty button. For a long time, then the details show the mobile phone production. There is a full letter, such as the expiration date of the purchase date, the system of mobile phones. Therefore, if you want to repair the mobile phone, it is easy to know when the warranty period is.

The service center has the sole office to check its correctness, that is, the tolerance of the warranty time limit. When it has been limited and there is no rewarranty, the service center provides a tolerance of 1 month. So at this time, Ru can enjoy this

There is warranty government information

Brands, companies must have warranty policies. Lenovo has a fixed government, and so does it. All users who think about it must know the strategy. The text can be spare parts availability, short and long production repair, special warranty policy.

Such as slender and long. Often short and long with the team transfer, often 7 days cycle. If you leave your laptop on Monday, you will hold it until the following Monday. However, it can also benefit from illness, but also in damage

There is also the government of warranty service. and alterations, profit and loss components are profit and loss. All non-warranty components will not be covered by the official service center.

It is one of the technical products that send out some new products. However, the availability of service centers does not diminish its attractiveness. Although the joint service center checks its correctness  , and the location is not in Dayi


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