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Benefits of using an Honor Service Center when your phone is damaged

The HonorAry Service Center is very useful for mobile users. Going to him can repair the damage to your phone until it returns to its original state. This is obviously advantageous considering that the smartphones themselves are very sensitive to damage. This happens because its use takes place every day.

The honor itself is one of the most popular brands in Indonesia. In fact, the honor is still associated with Huawei. With the existence of honor, it is hoped that the spread of his mobile phone will be better. This is a dual marketing strategy that has been tried by several large companies and has succeeded. There are many products issued in honor of the award.

In addition to mobile phones, this company also releases laptops and various accessories. If the product is damaged, be sure to come to the Honor Service Center. Don’t come to a normal repair site. There are several advantages that a public service center has and is not owned by other places.

Benefits of choosing customer service

The first option lies in the technician who will be in charge. When it comes to a normal repair site, the technician who usually runs it fixes something on his own. Although it is often qualified, self-taught learning increases the likelihood of failure. This is obviously harmful to you as a consumer.

A lot of things will come to light when you arrive at the Honorary Service Center. All registered technicians have their own licenses. With this, the quality of workmanship is indisputable. Standards owned by professional technicians are factory standards. In doing so, the quality of the product will return as it was first purchased.

Your phone’s security will be maintained even when using public services. Complaints in this case are often subject to consumers when it comes to standard repair sites. This is because there are often examples of the parts of the mobile phone being repaired being even replaced by outdated parts of the phone.

This makes its after-service performance decline even. A lot of things will come to light when you arrive at the Honorary Service Center. It is the principle of technicians where consumers must get the best service. In doing so, the safety of the phone will always take precedence so that it goes back as it first came.

This security is also more secure with the presence of accountability. The warranty itself is essentially a public feature that its users are given credit for. With liability, damages that will be diverted from the service center can be requested. Of course, there are time limits for the warranty.

In addition, the liability does not apply if the damage is caused by personal negligence. The liability can only be claimed if the damage is caused by the technician’s failure to carry out the repairs. While rarely used, this warranty function will make it easier for consumers to get the best service.

The benefits don’t stop there

Another advantage of the Honor Service Center is also seen in the components provided. In Indonesia, two kinds of components are well known on the market. The first one is the gold part. This is the official part of the factory. It returns the phone as it was before.

Honor also provides this type of components in its service center. However, there is also another type of local component. A local component is a type of component that the manufacturer has not created. Although it’s similar at first glance, the performance won’t be the same. The most obvious example will be seen on gold and local LCD.

Unlike the LCD gold, the local LCD screen will feel different when worn and smoked by hand. The difference also applies to other factors. In addition, there will be no problems such as the stockpile of unavailable components. In a service center, this can happen.

But even if that happened, the honorary service center of one of the  cities with another city cooperated with each other. Another option also emerges in terms of fees. Some people often complain about different rates between one repair site and another.

This is possible considering that there are no rules for the repair area when determining the price. Different things will be found when you arrive at a public service center. The price is always the same so that consumers get a defined price. In fact, a price simulation applies to all regions of Indonesia.

In doing so, the service can be done anywhere at the same price. The rate is also given with a detailed explanation. Therefore, you will not feel suspicious and fearful of being deceived or damaged by the outlet.

Level when it comes to service center

If you already know the benefits of the HonorAry Service Center, be sure to arrive at a public service point if the product is damaged. When you first arrive, take the queue number first. Outlets will usually be full at festivals. Get it on a normal day if you want to wait longer in line.

Wait for the queue number to be dialed. If you have been called, come to CS and send the complaints your mobile phone experiences. From there, CS will ask you a few questions related to the complaint. This question is intended to allow price assessments to be carried out. This is because CS will immediately notify you of the estimated price of the repair.

After knowing the price of the repair, you are free to want to continue the repair or not. If it’s not because you like to buy a new phone, you can leave the outlet directly behind. But if repairs are yet to be carried out, CS will provide a form to fill out.

The form contains the consumer’s personal data. Inside there is also a personal number so that the service center can still get in touch if the repair process cannot be performed quickly. After that, CS will notify you of the estimated time for the repair process to be completed.

We are waiting for the repairs to be completed. The HonorAry Service Center will call you if the repair is actually going well. After that, customers can pay the repair fee and go home with the repaired gadget. In fact, there are some conditions where other damage is found on the phone.

This usually happens when the technician is doing repairs. When this happens, you will be called and explained the last price to be paid. This condition often occurs because damage to the phone cannot be fully detected unless a technician has been checked.

VIP services are also available to users

There are several types of services that can be obtained when it comes to service centers. The special services themselves are called VIP services. The VIP service at the Honorary Service Centre is divided into three. The first service is called VIP Service Gold. This applies to some phones such as honor 4C and G8.

Next up is also the VIP Service Platinum. The mobile phone category for this service is even greater. This service itself is intended for Huawei P8 users. In this service, LCD repair warranty has up to 3 months.

In fact, the liability for personal errors applies such as a violation due to a fall. The last service is called Diamond VIP service. It is intended for users of Mate S. Its main advantage lies in the presence of a national guarantee of 2 years. Even when it comes to outlets, customers of diamond VIP services will take precedence.

Be sure to always come to the public outlet when there is damage to the gadget. With it, the condition of the gadget will return to its original state and no unwanted items will happen. For the medal itself, come and honor the service centers that have spread across Indonesia.

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